Kate Brown is a Sydney based interdisciplinary artist working specifically with the human voice. She is fascinated by how the voice sits in the body, how it is produced, and projected out to be placed elsewhere. Accordingly, she has been focusing on live event-based performances in installation environments and gallery contexts. Kate’s focus is deeply embedded in experimental practice where she aims to harness the body’s potential and capacity to produce sound across spaces and at times technology.

Kate is specifically interested in the sounding structures of the body, the way it resonates and                produces the normally unheard sounds that the body is capable of. Through this exploration she has given access to ways within her own workings with the voice that have surprised and triggered new ways of sounding. 

Kate Brown is a recent MFA graduate from Sydney College of the Arts. She has exhibited/performed at Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Kudos Live 2017, The Now now, New contemporaries 2017, Desire Lines 3.0, National Experimental Arts Forum, Perth W.A, Love/ City Festival II & III Melbourne, Gaffa Gallery, Firstdraft gallery, Sydney Non Objective Gallery, Factory 49, 107 Project Space and Airspace. She has been in residence at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Gunyah Artist in residence, Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Anyplace Project Space, Artist@work Albury Art Gallery and The Lockup Cultural Centre Newcastle.

Kate has presented her Master of Fine Arts research at Sound Thought, Dialogues: Sound and Music across the Arts, Glasgow University's annual festival of music, sound, performance research, 2016 and Burnt Poetry: Ivor Davies and Destruction and Creation in Art and Word, Cardiff University, Wales, UK, 2016.