capital i

freshly squeezed is a program run by Sydney-based interdisciplinary arts collective stagejuice. capital i was created as a part of freshly squeezed 2012 under the theme island. freshly squeezed is a platform for artists from varying creative backgrounds to fuse their practices together over 8 intensive weeks to create striking and sensual interactions between performer, technology, audience and space. capital i  worked with the theme of island and creatively developed concepts in relation to isolation, internal systems, voodoo, binary coding and technology and the individual. This development was performed at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists and continued further research in residence at Q Theatre, Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith. 

 capital i was performed by Kate Brown, Paulo Morrison, Georgia Matters, Robin Hungerford.

Images by Katy Green Loughrey accompanied by sound created by Kate Brown.

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